Team Member

Cuihong Yao

(R. Ac)

About Cuihong Yao

Cuihong graduated with distinction from the three-year acupuncture program and obtained her certificate in Traditional Chinese Herbology from Grant MacEwan University.​ Cuihong’s list of accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and a Master’s degree in Cardiovascular Disease from Tianjin Medical University in China, where she worked as a physician of internal medicine at the TIanjin Medical University General Hospital for eight years, specializing in cardiology. In addition to her duties as a physician, Cuihong was responsible for the instruction and treatment of the undergraduate course in cardiology, while also being involved in scientific research. ​In 1994, Cuihong moved on as an ultrasonic specialist, introducing ultrasound products and instructing hundreds of doctors in their use and interpretation.
​Cuihong’s rigorous training in both Western and Chinese medicine allows her to treat her patients from both Western and Chinese medical perspectives to achieve optimal benefits.​Cuihong’s modalities include acupuncture (needle insertion), electro-acupuncture, acupressure, ear seeds, cupping, gua-sha, and various herbal medicine treatments.