Massage Therapy

Common benefits of massage include stress reduction, decreased tension in the body, pain reduction, and a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. Massage therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation and provides or restores a sense of well-being.
We currently have two massage therapists on our team, and both are registered massage therapists with their 2200 hour certifications. Our billing is based on the amount of time booked (30-120 minutes), and not the level of pressure administered or the number of body parts treated. We want every massage you get with us to meet your needs, and not be limited to your budget! With a fixed price for time, you and your therapist can decide together what you would like to accomplish out of your visit and adjust the type of massage to suit your goals!


This is a classic massage treatment with the goal to relax the entire body through the use of long strokes with light to medium pressure. This type of massage addresses stress, tension, and mild to moderate muscle discomfort by improving circulation and flexibility and decreasing tension. If you are a first time massage client this is a great massage to start with.


Deep tissue massage is designed to go deeper into the connective tissue, fascia, and deeper muscles with the goal of decreasing tension, decreasing pain, and increasing circulation. This enhances healing and improves function. This technique uses medium to heavy pressure to accomplish its goals.
PLEASE BE ADVISED: this type of massage can be uncomfortable and can leave you sore and tender for a couple of days afterwards — ask your therapist for tips to help ease any post-massage discomfort

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, is an active therapeutic technique that addresses the nervous systems’ role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, fascia, and scar tissue. RAPID is a manual therapy technique using movement to quickly relieve tension in the body and muscle spasms. RAPID causes an increased range of motion and decreased amount of pain, in the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a form of deep tissue massage used to promote muscle relaxation and relieve tension from the body. The heat from the stones has a soothing, sedative effect that helps relax the body’s muscles. By relaxing the muscles, the therapist gains access to deeper tissues and fascia, and is able to increase circulation in the body. Other benefits from hot stone massage include pain relief from chronic conditions and reduced stress.

Dynamic Cupping

Dynamic cupping uses a suction effect from either plastic or silicone cups to separate tissue layers thereby increasing circulation. This can provide a sense of instant relief from muscles that may be consistently hypertonic or tight. Dynamic cupping can also aid in mobilizing and flushing out toxins that may be stagnant within the muscle and fascia. It can also relieve joint pain and provide a deeper sense of relief.