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I was referred to Freedom Physical Therapy during a plateaued recovery from a life altering injury. Bryce skillfully and empathetically worked with me to the point that I was able to participate in meaningful daily activities. Thank-you Bryce!
A co-worker had recommended Freedom Physical Therapy to me, and I am extremely happy and beyond satisfied by the service, treatment, and results. Fiona and her team are true professionals, as well as down to earth, friendly, wonderful people.
Fiona is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. She will be my go-to physio from now on!
Veronica K.
I came to Freedom because of Diastasis Recti after the birth of my son. I didn't know the appropriate exercises to do. Fiona was excellent in helping me learn how to strengthen my core properly and give me the tools to do it myself at home. After just four weeks, my core is stronger and my control over breathing and tightening is much better!
Dana P.
I have had numerous injuries in the past and several occasions to visit Physiotherapists. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Freedom Physical Therapy. From the moment you enter the beautiful clinic, you will receive a warm and reassuring welcome. In addition, with the fantastic and amazing treatment that Fiona provides, you can be sure that you will be well taken care of. I went to the clinic on Saturday morning with a trapped sciatic nerve and could hardly walk due to the pain. Fiona worked on my back and all the associated areas. On Sunday morning I walked 3km ! That is evidence of Fiona's expertise and care! My advice to everyone with any physical issues requiring physiotherapy is to go see Fiona. You will not regret it. Excellent clinic, excellent physiotherapist.
-Deepak D.
I was having sharp pains in my wrist that went up through my arm. I would experience this pain at work as well as at the gym. Sara was able to determine that the pain was coming from my neck/shoulder area, and treated me accordingly. I had a great experience with Sara. She was always very knowledgeable and gave me exercises that helped me a lot. I am now feeling way better and have not had any issues with my wrist and arm. Sara even gave me exercises to do as a preventative measure. I had a great experience and would highly recommend Sara!
-Madison R.
I had fractured my wrist in November 2020 and had been told by my surgeon to come to Freedom Physical Therapy for treatment in January 2021. I was feeling very anxious and concerned about my mobility and if I would ever get well (as I am a very active person). I could not function or move my wrist at all. After working with Praj my long, hard journey back to my former self "happened". I credit her for getting me back to "normal". Thank you Praj. You are amazing!!
-Lynda S.
Between overtraining with dance and the stress of work, my body took a hit. I had excruciating pain in my neck, scapula, and shoulder; with pain shooting down to the tips of my fingers. I was unable to lift my kids and enjoy life. I couldn't sit and work at the computer for five minutes without severe pain. Finally, a work colleague recommended Freedom Physical Therapy. I first saw Fiona, and then worked with Sara. Their assessments were bang on and the treatments were effective from the first visit. I was a little weary about dry needling. I voiced this to Sara and she let me come acceptance of that intervention when I was ready. Today, I am so thankful to no longer be in pain. I have continued to do my exercises Sara prescribed, and am excited to get back to dancing! I can't say enough good things about the care and treatment I received. Thank you so much!
-Anna L.
I came to Freedom because I was in SO much pain. I had been to several physical therapists but I have never sad such great results. Fiona (and all of the staff) is amazing, kind, professional, knowledgeable, and the treatment is pure magic! They are all super easy to talk to about any questions I might have. Its a very clean environment, never a long wait, and very easy to book appointments. 10 out of 10! I feel great!
-Madeline T.
I highly recommend Freedom Physical Therapy for their expert treatment of injury and illness to regain one’s wellness and health. ​ I suffered a serious fracture of my heel and was told by an orthopaedic surgeon that I would never walk properly again. The status quo health care system kept adding insult to injury with sub-standard interactions, lack of regard, and minimal treatment. I felt cared for from the moment I contacted Freedom Physical Therapy to make my first appointment. The receptionist answered all my questions and provided superior customer service with ensuring correct billing, accommodating appointments, and coordinating with third party services (i.e., benefits, x-ray, doctor…). Fiona’s extensive knowledge, experience, and genuine care about rehabilitative physical therapy has been a tremendous asset in my recovery towards actually being able to walk again within a short period of time.
Thank you all at Freedom Physical Therapy for your help to get me walking again.
-John S.
Going to Freedom was my first experience with physical therapy, and it was amazing! Fiona is the best and after only 2 visits, I've gone from feeling miserable pain and limited mobility in my lower back and right leg, to mild pain and stiffness and much more mobility. I would definitely recommend Freedom, you won't be disappointed!
-Jen R.
When I first came to Freedom I was in so much pain with my knee that I couldn't stand for more than 5-10 minutes at once. With Praj's help I started to feel better and stronger. Some days were not easy and "homework" (exercises) were tough, but with discipline and consistency I reached my goal and am able to work out pain free. I am now able to do my daily activities with "freedom"
Thanks, Praj!
-Veronica C.Z
When I first started coming to physio about a month ago, I could hardly walk up the stairs in my house because my knee was hurting so bad. Fast forward a month and now I am back on the football field cutting into the turf as if nothing happened to my knee. Thank-you Freedom Physical Therapy!
-Vincent S.
After running my first half-marathon, I noticed my right knee was hurting whenever I ran fast or for a long distance. I was worried about doing long-term harm to my knee, which would stop me from being able to run. Working with Fiona was great! She listened to me, checked more of my body than just me knee, and helped me understand that the problem was in my hip. I am now able to run comfortably and my hips are stronger and more flexible than before my injury!
-Meghan O.
I sustained a severe ankle sprain after I fell. I found Freedom Physical Therapy through an online search. After reading several positive reviews I gave them a call. My ankle was severely swollen and bruised. I am a registered Nurse and was unable to work due to my injury. Within six session Fiona was able to eliminate the bruising and swelling using various treatment modalities. I got back my strength and range of motion I needed to return to work. Fiona gave me strength exercises to continue to do after finishing working with her. I would highly recommend this clinic. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and gave me back my ability to walk!
-Kristine M.
I came to Freedom Physical Therapy because I was referred by my family doctor after getting in a car accident. Before I started treatment I had neck, upper and lower back pain, a hard time sleeping, and ringing in my ears. Throughout my treatment everyone here treated me very well, from the front end staff to therapists (especially Bryce!). I am so glad I came here and for sure will be telling my friends and family about Freedom Physical Therapy! Now I am free of pain! Thanks to everyone!
-Sheila K.
This clinic, especially Fiona, has enabled me to keep functioning independently despite tearing both rotator cuffs and only having one surgically repaired. The treatment I received has allowed me to use both arms with minimal difficulty. Fiona and all the staff are friendly, efficient, and kind!
-Marilyn T.

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